Green Sessions

by Fag Rabbit

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First release by Fag Rabbit. The quality of the tapes have suffered due to age.


released January 7, 2012

Rm3/Vocals, John Poddy/Guitar, Boy/Drums, Sybil/Bass



all rights reserved


Fag Rabbit California

Fag Rabbit was formed from members of Smog Town, Hags and Mudknuckle in 1993. The band played mostly in Orange County and Los Angeles.

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Track Name: Alpha/Omega
It's down deep
It's down deep
Fetus heap
It's down deep
Overdose on sleeping pills
Mother and child
Track Name: Zero
Nobody gave it so you got nothing
Answer to no one, answer to nothing
Forced upon you asked for this
Awake from your nightmare to drown in your piss
Zero, close your eyes, peel the skin back
Zero, close your eyes, peel the skin back
Ropes made of thin green wire
The pope hides his checkered head
Losing the sun, Losing the sun
Ropes made of thin green wire
Zero, close your eyes, peel the skin back
Zero, close your eyes, peel the skin back...
Track Name: Rice
Larva, mice.
Larva, mice.
Let's have fun with maggots
We'll have fun with maggots
Rotting in the heat...
Track Name: Lizard Man
Walking on flowers
The colors red
You close your eyes and fantasize of things I've said
We never talk it's just that way
You've turned around your upside
The colors turned to grey

Coupe de ville cadillac
You, me, in the back
Squeals of passion, screams of pain
Ball sac pressure geyser drain
Smell of hymen, taste of sweat
Dripping orifice, soft and wet
Heavy breath, virgin teen
Somewhere out there in between

Lizard Man, lizard man
Dirty, scaly, bitter man
Hands like claws, monster face
climbing walls of glue and paste
Lashing tongue
I love ice cream
I am Lizard Man...